Body Treatments

Let the whole world slip away as you enjoy one of our full body massage treatments tailored to your needs. Whether it be deep tissue or Swedish massage let our therapists help you relax and unwind in our serene surroundings, reviving your muscles for the day ahead.

Our Prices

Swedish Massage                                                            60 Minutes                                                                        £35

 This treatment is effective for targeting circulatory problems, toxins in the muscles and skin such as cellulite or for general muscular aches or pains. Using a combination of Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Tapotement movements to stimulate the blood flow to the surface of the skin, providing relief and drainage to tired muscles and skin. 


Swedish Including Face                                                  70 Minutes                                                                        £38

As above including a short relaxing face massage or stomach massage.


Deep Tissue Massage                                                   60-70 Minutes                                                                   £46

By applying deep pressure to specific trouble points we aim to aid maximum relief to very tight and aching muscles.  Pressure is specifically applied to knotted muscles by ‘stripping out’ the muscle tissue using elbows and forearms. Due to the nature of this treatment the muscles can feel ‘sore’ afterwards but it is perfectly normal and due to the therapists manipulation of the muscles.

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