Pregnancy is such a special and personal time for both mother and baby.
That’s why these treatments will be tailored to your specific needs to leave you feeling relaxed and to help alleviate those aches and pains.
Massage during pregnancy can be of great benefit to both mum and baby as it calms and soothes whilst boosting endorphin levels for that feel good factor.

Maternity treatments are suitable after your first trimester and a thorough consultation is carried out prior to your treatment. Therefor if you are suffering from any health complaint or medical condition then it may be necessary to seek permission from your midwife/GP before attending the Spa for your treatment. This is a standard procedure and ensures that the therapist can give you the best possible treatment at this special time in your life.

There are a range of treatments to suit your needs so why not take a look and book a treatment that will help in your journey to motherhood.

Tropic Skincare Maternity Massage – 75 mins
A heavenly full body massage tailored to your needs. Making you cosy and comfortable we will begin with a back massage that will help to alleviate back tension and aches and pains associated with this area. This is then followed by an indulgent leg and foot massage to relieve fluid retention and sooth those tired feet. We conclude the treatment with a chest, neck and shoulder massage which is perfect to lead on to a facial massage if you so wish to upgrade your treatment. This treatment helps to rejuvenate and relax the body so you leave the Spa feeling refreshed to carry on your day. £41

Tropic Skincare Express Treatment – 30 mins
If your struggling for time or just want a specific area of aches and pains relieved then this is the treatment for you. Specifically tailored for mums to be this treatment will help you alleviate aches and pains in either feet and lower legs, back neck and shoulders or face, neck and shoulders. Can help puffiness and fluid retention and relax aches and pains associated with pregnancy. £31

Tropic Skincare Express Facial – 35 mins
A wonderfully relaxing yet instantly effective facial treatment for all skin types. Tailoring your treatment to suit your needs, with skincare containing premium essential oils (safe for pregnancy) and active ingredients Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, the super hydrating Absolute Facial Serum will be left to melt into the skin whilst you enjoy either a hand or foot massage. The anti-ageing properties of our 14 BioActive ingredients, leave your skin improved elasticity and a bright youthful appearance. All products applied are safe for use during pregnancy. £41

Spa 53 Pamper Pedicure – 60 mins
Our feet are neglected during pregnancy so why not pamper them with this perfect pedicure. This treatment is perfect for tired feet and helping get rid of hard skin and fluid retention in the lower leg. Starting with a spa foot soak the feet are instantly relaxed. Once exfoliated and tidied, a mask is applied to the lower leg and foot. This is then followed by aromatherapy oils (suitable for pregnancy) for an indulgent drainage massage to leave feet feeling refreshed and revived. £37

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